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Kit List – Weekend camps

Weekend Camp Kit List
The following is a list of personal item Scouts will usually need to bring to a weekend camp. Uniform is not required at weekend camps unless we let you know otherwise.

Please name everything!

Each section will let you know if you need any more or less on an event by event basis:

Waterproof and wind proof coat
Jumpers & Sweatshirts
Shorts or cut-offs –  short enough to keep dry under waterproof
Sleeping bag, insulated sleeping mat
Blanket (for campfire)
Shoes – several pairs of Tevas/canvas daps/sandals/crocs. (NO trainers/socks)
Sun hat
Warm hat
Wash kit
Small Towel
Eating kit: 2 plates, bowl, knife, fork, spoon, cup
Water bottle
Sun cream
Insect repellent
Several old tea towels
Torch & spare battery
Small swiss army type penknife with a lanyard attached (it’s easier to see if you drop it…) No locking knives or pen knives with more than a 3 inch blade.

Please note: no aerosol containers or mobile phones to be taken on camp.

Additional items the Patrol Leader might wish to take:
Alarm clock
Extra eating kit
Newspaper (to light the fire)
Pens and paper
PL’s note book
26th Camp survival guide
Gadget Guide