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Welcome to Cubs!

Cubs is open to young people aged 8-10 years old. Each of our three Cub Packs is run by its Cub Leader, (CSL) and their assistants. The Cub Leader is responsible for the programme, planning, and badge work.  The Cubs are organised into smaller groups called Sixes. The Sixes are known by different colours and made up of a mix of age ranges. Each Six is lead by a “Sixer”.

Meeting times
Walters Pack – Monday night 6:30 to 8:00pm
Spence Pack – Thursday nights 6:30 to 8:00pm
Chapel Hill Pack – Friday nights 7-8.15pm

Cub Promise
I promise that I will do my best
to do my duty to God and the Queen
To help other people
And to keep the Cub Scout Law

Alternative Cub Promises

Cub Law
Cub Scouts always do their best. Think of others before themselves. And to do a good turn every day

Dark Green crew neck Cub Sweatshirt. Group scarf and coloured woggle (Identifying Six colour). Extra items – Blue Scout activity trousers and Dark green polo shirt. When your child is invested they will receive the Group scarf, woggle and badges.

Badges & Awards
Badges & awards
Where to put the badges on the Cub uniform

Parental helpers
The Cub leadership team must have two warranted leaders and, ideally, at least two adult helpers working on a rota. The more parents on the rota, the less load on any one individual. The Parent rota is on the notice board in the lobby. Parents need to sign up to at least one meeting per term to assist the Cub Leaders, where they might be asked to run a game or monitor a badge earning activity or other similar task, as required.

Subs & joining & activity Form
Subs are £45 per term
General activity/health form
Camp permission form

In 1922 our neighbouring Group, the 27th Henleaze were in difficulties.  The Troop had no Scoutmaster and the Cub Leader wanted to give up.  The County persuaded the “Boss” to amalgamate the 27th with the 26th.  The Troop leader offered to look after the Cubs.  There were 24 Cubs, a couple of Scouts, three bell tents, a trek cart, and a debt of £30.  We now had two headquarters and the Cubs continued to meet at the hut in Waterford Road adjacent to the church.  Operating the Cub pack at Waterford Road had its difficulties so in 1924 it was decided to move their hut down alongside ours, but it was of corrugated iron, Mrs. Castle did not approve.  So a Jumble Sale was organised, which raised about £60 and this enabled us to buy the timber and erect the second, adjoining building. This gave us four Scout patrol dens, a Cub Lair, and a small council room.  It was opened by Mrs.Castle in 1925.  The Cubs had arrived at Northcote! The second Cub pack was formed in 1987. The two Cub packs are named after people who had major involvement with the Group over a number of years   “Spence” after Alan Spence. Alan was Group Scout Leader between 1968 and 1982 and he was one of the main driving forces behind the building of Northcote. “Walters” after Boss Walters.  The Boss as he was known was the second Scout Master between 1917 and 1947, and then Group Scout Master until 1966. Chapel Hill pack opened in 2016.