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Coronavirus Update

Following easing of Covid-19 Lockdown controls and guidance from the Scout Association and National Youth Agency (NYA) we are restarting limited outdoor face to face meetings from the Autumn term. This will be a limited series of activities, dependent on weather conditions, and is in addition to ongoing virtual meetings which have been taking place since lockdown started. These plans are constantly reviewed and any change in situation with regards to Covid-19 and/or government guidance will be taken into account immediately in the event of any change.

The NYA has established a four level Readiness Status which determines what level of face to face meetings can take place. Within the Bristol area we are currently at Amber Status which allows for face to face meetings of up to 15 individuals; meaning 15 children and adults in total per group. The Scout Association has just announced its intention to increase the group size to a maximum of 15 children plus a maximum of 5 adults and to allow a groups to meet indoors. We will monitor the rules and make adjustments to our plans as the rules evolve.

Some of the measures we have or are about to put in place are:

  • Access to hand sanitiser.
  • Signage at Northcote.
  • Equipment boxes to allow used items to be quarantines for 72 hours
  • External lighting improvements
  • Use of Colman shelters for weather protection.


Subs are £40 per seasonal term using Online Scout Manager.