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Kit List – Summer Camps

Kit List
The following is a list of personal item Scouts will usually need to bring to summer camp.Warm coat/fleece jacket
Waterproof and wind proof coat
Jumpers & Sweatshirts
Shorts or cut-offs –  short enough to keep dry under waterproof
Sleeping bag
Insulated sleeping mat
Blanket (for campfire)
Shoes – several pairs of Teva’s/canvas daps/sandles/crocks. (NO trainers/socks)
Coat hanger (for your uniform)
Walking boots/shoes and 2 pairs walking socks
Wash kit
Sun cream
Insect repellent
Towels (1 big, 1 small)
Swimming costume
Eating kit: 2 plates, bowl, knife, fork, spoon, cup
Water bottle
Several old tea towels
Torch & spare battery
Small swiss army type penknife with a lanyard attached (it’s easier to see if you drop it…)

No pen knives with more than a 3 inch blade
No aerosol containers or mobile phones to be taken on camp.

Scouts who are 13 years+ will be hiking and also need:
1.       1 pair of light trousers to protect against ticks, nettles, brambles, etc.
2.       Waterproof trousers
3.       Gaiters are optional
4.       One litre water bottle
5.       Warm hat & gloves

For those on the Light Hike a small day sized rucksack

For those on PLs or YLs hikes a large full hike rucksack (less than than 65 litres). Waterproof liner/bag for the day-sack/rucksack

Additional items the Patrol Leader only might wish to take
Alarm clock
Extra eating kit
Newspaper (to light the fire)
Pens and paper/note book
26th Camp survival guide
Gadget Guide