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What days and times do you meet?

Section Age Day Time
Beavers 6-8 Tues 6-7pm
Beavers 6-8 Wed 6-7pm
Beavers 6-8 Fri 6-7pm
Cubs 8-10 Mon 6.30-8pm
Cubs 8-10 Thurs 6.30-8pm
Cubs 8-10 Fri 7.15-8.30pm
Scouts 10-14 Tues 7.30-9.15pm
Scouts 10-14 Wed 7.30-9.15pm
Scouts 10-14 Thurs 7.30-9.15pm
Explorers  14-18  Mon 8-9.30pm

Contact us if you want to join the Group. Please be aware that all sections are currently full and its unlikley we will be able to take any new Cubs or Scouts during 2024. Beavers currently has a very long waiting list. Complete Joining Form to add your daughter/son to the Beaver waiting list.

Where are the Medical/health forms?

General activity/health form

For scout section ONLY information for parents to be read in conjunction with forms above

How do I hire the hall at Northcote?

Enquire about hall hire

Please note we hire out the hall for children’s parties only to existing parents of the Scout Group at weekends.

Where do all the badges go on the uniform?

Where to position badges on the uniform

When you moving up between sections the Membership, District, County and Group badges (see below) should all be transferred to the new uniform. Also any progressive badges earned should be transferred too (e.g. Computer, Night away) these will always be blue).

These descriptions will help work out which badge is which!

Membership (or World) badge – Round purple badge with a Scout sign
District badge – Rectangular purple badge says Cabot
County Badge – Rectangular Light blue badge with Avon Sea Stag
Group tape  – green tape says ’26th Bristol (North Cote) Scout Group’
Section tape – green tape says – Cote, Castle, Walters, Spence, Loach or Bentley.

How much are subs?

Subs are currently £45 per seasonal term (Autumn, Spring & Summer). They are payable in the first few weeks of the start of each term. One third of the subs stays with the section for their weekly programme & badges, another third is for insurance with the Scout Association and the final third goes to Northcote towards the running costs of the building which is owned by the 26th Bristol Scouts.

Using Online Scout Manager Go Cardless system to make subs/activity payments

You’ll receive an email from OSM the very first time you make a payment you’ll need to log into OSM parent area and be asked for your bank details to set up the direct debit. After you have done this the subs payment will be collected from your bank account on the date advised. Then each time a payment is due to the Scout Group for future subs/activity you will be asked to approve it first, before its debited from your bank account. The direct debit system is operated by ‘Go Cardless’ by Royal Bank of Scotland and covered by the direct debit guarantee scheme. Payments will need to be authorised by you each time the Scout Group requests a payment.

What’s the kit list for camps?

See summer camp kit list or weekend camp kit list

How can I Volunteer?

See current  volunteering vacancies

Where can I buy Scout Uniform/get second hand uniform from?

You can buy on line at Scout Shops

We also offer a second hand uniform service at Northcote from £5 an item.

Other useful links?

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