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Summer Camp Information 2016

Kit list

Scout Camp Health form

PL Guide

Gadget Guide

Key dates:

Wed 6 July

£230 full camp payment is due

Sat 16 July   13:00 - 16:00

Kit Check afternoon for all Scouts & YLs

Wed 20 July   19:30-21:00

Personal kit check for all Scouts & YLs

Fri 22 July   18:30-20:00

Lorry Packing for PLs, APLs & YLs

Sat 23 July    8:45

Depart for Camp

Tues 2 Aug  15:30

Return from camp

Sat 5 August 13:00 - 16:00

Kit putting away for all Scouts & YLs

Sat 5 August 19:00

Fish and Chip Supper for everyone including parents (Scouts go free but Parents are charged £5)

Wed 6th July

£230 Payment
Please can we have all the monies owing in by this date.

Sat 16 July   13:00-16:00

Kit check
All Scouts/YLs attending Summer need to come and get out all the camping kit and clean it ready for Summer camp.

Wed 20 July   19:30-21:00

Personal Kit check
In order to reduce the amount of missing and forgotten personal kit at camp we have found it best that the Scouts and YLs bring their bags to the scout hut so we can check that they have everything that they need and then leave the bag there. If your scout is not doing the heavy hike then a large holdall type bag is much better than a rucksack as they don’t require you to remove all the contents to reach something at the bottom of the bag.

As a general rule:

The year 9 scouts and YLs will be doing “heavy” Gold and YL hikes.

The year 8 scouts will be doing a light hike
The year 7 scouts will be doing the survival night
The year 6 scouts will be doing the trek cart hike

The full kit list is on the 26th website

Health Form
We need a permissions/health form specifically for summer camp. A copy is at the top of this page to be downloaded.
Please bring the completed and signed form with you to the personal kit check evening.

Fish and Chip Supper information
At the end of camp, after putting all the kit away we have a fish and chips supper where we award all the prizes that have been won at camp. All the family is invited.

There are three menu choices (Fish and Chips, Fish Only or Chips only) All menu choices cost GBP 5.00.

The cost of fish and chip supper is included in the camp fees of those camping.  Please can you tell us on the kit check evening how many extra meals you require and pay with your order.

Fri  22 July   18:30-20:00

Lorry Packing
After getting out all the kit and checking it everything is piled in the hall.
On the evening before camp we move all this into the 2 lorries.
We require all the YLs, PLs and APLs to help with this task - and any parents who might like to help as well are most welcome.

Sat 23 July    08:45

Depart for Camp
The coach will depart at 9:00 prompt.
The scouts should be wearing their full scout uniform (i.e. not jeans or random shorts)

Most of the scouts kit will be in their kit bags and on its way by this time however the scouts will need a small day sack containing

· Packed lunch

· Water bottle

· Rain coat

· Spare cloths to change into (tee shirt, coat/waterproof)

The scouts will need to change into their camp kit as soon as they get to camp so the change of cloths should be in the day sack not in their kit bag (as their kit bag will not be easily accessible when we arrive).

Please remember to hand any medications to our first aider, Nigel Moore, before we get on the Coach. Do not give them to your child to hand in later.

Tues 2 Aug   15:30

Return from camp
If this time differs it will be announced on the 26th Website.
When we arrive back we will need to unload the lorries, this is quite quick with all the scouts and parents helping.
All we do is simply dump all the kit in the hall. No one leaves until the kit is unloaded

Sat 6 August

Kit putting away   13:00 - 16:00
Again, like we got all the kit out, we need ALL the Scouts and YLs to attend to tidy up and put all the kit away again.

Fish and Chip Supper  19:00 - 21:00
Everyone (parents, grandparents siblings etc)  is invited to the fish and chip supper (please book in advance as mentioned above). After the meal will have the presentations for the various events that we had at camp.  Scouts should wear their new camp tee-shirts for the Fish and Chip supper.