26th Summer Camping Programme 2015

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Scouts Training Camp 1
15-17 May
Real camping up at the field at Cribbs Causeway.
This first camp is primarily about training for both new scouts and teaching new skills to old hands.
The scouts will live for the weekend in their patrols, they will sleep under canvas, cook all their meals over an open fire, and create all the comforts of home from gadget wood collected from the wood next door.

Cubs & Scouts Training Camp 2
5-7 June 
This second training camp at the field is about letting the scouts practice the skills they have learnt from the previous camp. our Cub Packs will also be camping in the field at the same time. 

Scouts Pioneering Camp
26-28 June
Third weekend camp - by this stage the scouts are capable of looking after themselves at camp so the main purpose of the weekend is on Scout pioneering i.e. build bridges, catapults, towers and ballistas from ropes, pulleys and spars. Maybe this year one of the patrols will beat the young leaders' record of firing a broom handle 98m.

Scouts & Young Leaders Summer Camp
18-28 July
The highlight of the camping year, 10 days on Exmoor. We camp right next to both a river and a wood and all the normal summer camp activities will be provided.

All weekend camps at the field at Cribbs Causeway start at 18:00 Friday night and end around 15:00 Sunday. 

The leaders would strongly encourage all the Scouts to attend the camping program as patrol camping is the one activity that is unique to Scouting.